Aussie Olympic legend Grant Hackett has backed singer-turned-swimmer Cody Simpon‘s odds for making it to the Olympics, saying Simpson’s swimming strength “blew me away”.

Simpson, in case you need a refresher, recently put his music career on hold to fully commit himself to swimming.

He’ll be competing in the 100m butterfly event at the 2021 Australian Swimming Trials in June, with the hope of making it on to the Australian swimming team at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics which are still ~supposed~ to go ahead in late July and early August.

“It blew me away. I’ve known Cody for a very, very long time,” Hackett, who is also one of Simpson’s swimming mentors, told

“It was quite astonishing to think he’d had this really established career in a completely different field, but he never lost the desire to go to the Olympics.”

Hackett added that even if Our Cody™ just missed out on making the cut this year, he has no doubt the former singer will continue to push himself for the next three years ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“I’ve seen video tapes of him chucking up in the bin. He does that quite regularly, so the guy is killing himself in the water to get the most out,” Hackett said.

“He’s just uncompromising about what it’s going to take and I have a lot of respect for that.”

Obviously it would be great to see Simpson make it to the Olympics and do well. It would be even more iconic if he wins and somehow manages to shoehorn in an “it’s ya mum” comment after walking off the winners’ podium.

Speaking of which, how cool is it to see the two glow-ups to come out of the song “iYiYiY”: Cody Simpson having a shot at the Olympics in his finest Speedos, and Flo Rida having a shot at Eurovision in his finest jorts.

Ya really do love to see it.

Image: Getty Images / Chris Hyde