PSA: You Can Get A Ticket To The GC 2018 Commonwealth Games From Just $20

I don’t know about you, but I suddenly really really care about sportsball thanks to having my TV switched round-the-clock to the Winter Olympics these last few weeks. Like I’m determined to learn how to do a curling now. And lucky for me, I don’t have to stop being fascinated by the athletic prowess of the world’s best sportspeople now that Pyeongchang is over: the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games are (almost) ‘ere.

You may be shocked to find that those of us living on the beaut Gold Coast – or if you’re willing to hop a quick plane over – can still cop a ticket to GC2018 for the negligible price of 20 buckeroonis.

20 bucks? What else were you spending that on? Deliveroo? An Uber home after a much more expensive night out? A pair-and-a-bit of Bonds undies?

Yup, for only a crisp $20 bill, you can bask in the preliminary rounds of: Track and Field Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Squash, Table Tennis or Wrestling. That’s variety, mate. And you could bring your little sister for just a tenner. Other sports, like Shooting, as well as semis and finals, are a little more ‘spenno, but definitely wont break the bank.

And included in the cost of your ticket is free public transport on the day on the South East Queensland TransLink public transport network. Boom.

Now if even $20 is a stretch for you – some of us are skint and that’s okay, no judgment here – some events are cheap as free. You can catch 20-kilometre Women’s and Men’s Race Walks and Road Cycling at Currumbin Beachfront and the 42-kilometre Marathon starting and finishing at the Southport Broadwater Parklands for nuthin’, nada, no money down.

Thundamentals and Amy Shark lead GC2018’s FREE festival line-up: uh huh, the Games also boast 12 days of free culture – music, theatre, circus, dance, ideas, visual arts and film – on the Gold Coast and in event cities Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville, who each have their own sportsballs going on (for slightly more than $20).

Reppin’ the Royals – remember: these are the Commonwealth Games, so no USA or continental Europe – are Prince Charlie aka the Prince of Wales and first in line for the throne who will be opening the Games, and be joined by his baby bro, Prince Eddie, the Earl of Wessex. Haz has wedding planning to do, soz.

Here’s to Australia regaining our rightful place as Top Nation after England pipped us in Glasgow back in 2014. ‘Sall good though: we’ve still won the most medals of all-time, and the most Gold (no biggie).

Rummage for GC2018 tickets HERE sooner rather than later.