The Footy Players Involved In That Public BJ Video Have Been Disciplined By Their Club

The two footy players who went viral after a vid emerged of one of them sucking the other off smack-bang in the middle of a public bar have officially been punished by the Glen Waverley Football Club.

In case you missed it at the time, the sitch occurred after Mad Monday when one of the players gave another oral sex as the result of a bet.

As was pointed out at the time, not only is performing oral sex in the middle (!) of a bar a terrible idea, it’s also fucked that sex acts between two men are viewed as any sort of “punishment”.

When the video first emerged, the Glen Waverley Football Club condemned the behaviour of the footy players involved.

“While this occurred away from the club and was not a club-sanctioned event, we are extremely saddened and disappointed in the behaviour shown by people who should know better,” it said.

Now it’s confirmed that the players will also leave the club.

In a statement posted to its Facebook, the club said that committee members and a big chunk of the senior playing group held a meeting. It also confirmed the players in the video gave apology statements, and that they won’t be returning to the footy club.

The club organised professional counselling for the players involved to help them deal “with the impact to their mental health and wellbeing”.

It also initiated an independent, professionally facilitated program to focus on the immediate impacts of the situation on “the broader group” and establish “clear expectations and values upon which to move forward”.

“There are many great people involved at all levels of our club and its broader network, many of whom have been unfairly impacted by a regrettable situation in which they had no involvement,” the statement said.

“They deserve the opportunity to enjoy participating in the game and the club community, and they will be our focus.”

According to the club, it’ll be focusing on “hard work and positive energy” for the future.