Two Footy Players Are In Strife After Footage Of One Sucking Off The Other In A Bar Went Viral

glen waverley mad monday public oral sex viral

There’s something about Mad Monday and other end-of-season hoons that seems to make people go a bit berko, but one local league footy club in Melbourne has really taken the cake this year. Two senior players from the Glen Waverley Football Club have gone globally viral after a video of one of them sucking the other off in the middle of a public bar emerged online.

Per the Herald Sun, the teammates had made a bet over the course of the day and whoever lost had to give the winner oral sex. In their genius brains they simply decided to do exactly that in the harsh light of the venue in full view of everyone there.

Let’s not even go into the fact these blokes clearly see sexual acts between men as a “punishment” and the incredible homophobia that line of thought carries but if you’re going to blow your friend at least have the decency to do it in the bathrooms? Good lord my dudes.

The eastern suburbs club released a statement condemning their behaviour and said the wider club is “saddened and disappointed” at the antics. Glen Waverley FC confirmed it is taking immediate action to discipline and educate the players.

“While this occurred away from the club and was not a club-sanctioned event, we are extremely saddened and disappointed in the behaviour shown by people who should know better,” the statement read.

“The individuals involved, along with the broader playing group will be both disciplined and educated and if need be, counselled in the type of conduct expected by members of our Club, along with the physical & emotional impact this has had on the families involved, club members, players and the wider community.”

Another patron who wished to remain anonymous told the Herald Sun the wider playing group allegedly disrespected the venue by smashing glasses, vaping inside, trying to nick bottles from behind the bar and abusing other customers.

It’s also claimed they left the bathrooms in a total state and covered in vomit.

Lads, this is simply not it. It’s all well and good to rip the scab off a few at the end of the season but there’s no justification for going absolutely feral (in the worst way) like you’re untouchable.