Nothing unites fans across borders quite like Germany shitting the World Cup bed in a borderline unholy manner, but fans of Mexico and South Korea have been celebrating together since the final whistle.

South Korea’s shock 2-0 victory not only sent the defending champion Germans tumbling out of the Cup at the Group Stage – the nation’s earliest exit from the tournament since 1938 – but it also gifted Mexico a shock ticket to the knockout stages, after the Mexican national side simultaneously lost to Sweden.

To suggest that Mexican fans are somewhat grateful for the unexpected help from South Korea is possibly the understatement of the tournament.

Over in Russia, Mexican fans on the streets almost immediately sought out any and all Korean fans in their immediate vicinity, and embraced them in a show of adorable and enthusiastic gratitude.

Back in Mexico, the celebrations were even more exuberant, with impromptu parades being held for any Korean who happens to be nearby and (at least partly) aware of what’s going on.

Not content to stop the ocean of love there, fans in Mexico City went so far as to virtually storm the Korean Embassy, chanting until the Korean Consul-General to Mexico Byoung Jin-Hang emerged to join in the celebrations and toss back a few shots of tequila. As you bloody well would.

For the record, the crowd there is chanting “Corea, hermano, ya eres Mexicano,” which translates to “Korea, brother, you’re now Mexican” which is some seriously wonderful stuff.

In Washington D.C. the gifts and thanks went even further thanks to the official beer sponsor of the Mexican side, Estrella Jalisco, who sent an absurd amount of frothies directly to the South Korean embassy as a token of appreciation. The second photo featuring the receiving Korean officials? It’s incredibly wholesome.

But it’s not just Mexican fans celebrating the result of the game. In Brazil, the nation is lapping up the schadenfreude of Germany bombing out in spectacular circumstances in typically subtle Brazilian. Like, for example, holding a public funeral for Germany’s Cup hopes immediately after the game.

Brazilian media also managed to cover the result of the game with as much grace and humility as you’d expect.

Germany. Do not come to Brasil.

Image: Getty Images / Sergei Savostyanov