Two French Soccer Players Have Made Headlines After A Wild Fkn Assault With Tonya Harding Vibes

two french soccer players assault

Two French soccer players have made headlines after a fkn wild series of events that have drawn immediate comparisons to Tonya Harding and the assault on her former rival Nancy Kerrigan.

You might want to sit down and get a nice cuppa for this one, because I don’t think you’re ready for what is about to go down here.

It all starts with the team members of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) women’s soccer team, which is one of Europe’s most successful women’s teams kicking ass at the moment.

It’s reported that last week after a dinner with PSG club officials and fellow players, Kheira Hamraoui was offered a ride home by teammate Aminata Diallo. Both women are said to have lived in Chatou in Paris’ bougie western suburbs, with a 30-minute drive between the restaurant and their individual homes.

A third player is said to have joined the ride back, but she has remained unnamed.

aminata diallo
Aminata Diallo (Getty Images: Aurelien Meunier)

At around 10.30pm the car is said to have stopped near Hamraoui’s house. Hamraoui, who was in the passenger seat at the time, was then dragged out of the vehicle by two masked men, her legs beaten by a metal bar for several minutes.

She was hospitalised after the freak event, but the specific attention to the legs caught the attention of the French police.

L’Equipe, a French sports news site, has made the wild claim that Diallo, who was driving the vehicle at the time and remained uninjured, may have had a role to play. After all, the two have been essentially competing for playtime as PSG’s midfielder, with Diallo being placed into an understudy position of sorts.

Diallo was arrested by French Police on Wednesday morning. Between the arrest and the night of the assault, a soccer match occurred in which Hamraoui obviously sat out, and Diallo was assigned as her replacement in the midfield position.

It’s important to note, however, that the French Police are also notoriously rooted in racism.

Kheira Hamraoui (Getty Images: Alex Caparros)

“What is suspected is implausible,” said President of the French Soccer Federation Noel Le Graet, per the New York Times.

“I know both players. I am appalled if what is mentioned is true. It seems unimaginable.”

Diallo’s arrest hasn’t been officially been linked to the actual assault, but instead due to a formal complaint lodged by Hamraoui to police.

“Paris Saint-Germain is working with the Versailles police to clarify the facts,” a spokesperson for PSG said in a statement.

“The club is paying close attention to the progress of the proceedings and will study what action to take.”

It is as of yet unclear whether or not this was a planned event or a freak occurrence, but only time will tell.