Here’s French President Emmanuel Macron Dabbing After The World Cup Final

Perhaps it was fate. Perhaps it was a tragic inevitability. Perhaps it’s the end result of everything the world’s been careening towards for years now. Whatever the case, we now have it: French President Emmanuel Macron dropping a dab in celebration of his nation’s successful campaign at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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As you’re probably well aware of by now, France took out Croatia in this morning’s World Cup Final by a score of 4-2, securing the country’s second World Cup title and their first since 1998.

Macron was a large presence inside Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, refusing to adhere to any misguided sense of political or diplomatic decorum by losing his god-given mind for every one of France’s four goals.

Following the game, the French President was among the leadership contingent present on the champion’s dais during the official presentations. But from there, without cameras following, Macron’s celebrations continued.

The leader of France followed his national representatives into the change rooms to celebrate the historic win, cradling the coveted World Cup statue and, yes folks, even dabbing on the whole godforsaken tournament.

A tweet from French player Benjamin Mendy shows Les President winding up and dropping a dab on the World Cup, the Croatian team, and possibly even the entire nation of Russia.

Such incredible disrespect. Unbelievable stuff, folks. You simply wouldn’t dream of it.

The French President dabbing. That’s the final full stop on the 2018 World Cup. And what a tournament it’s been.