Floyd Mayweather VS 50 Cent Twitter Beef Gets Bitchy

Former best friends and failed business associates Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have stepped up their Twitter-facilitated beef. I’ve seen Biggie & Tupac and these things rarely end well.

The ego driven battle started when 50 Cent parted ways with Mayweather’s Money Team promotions company, taking several boxers with him. The rapper and budding boxing promoter accused Mayweather of dodging fights and failing to fulfill his Money Team obligations. Thanks to the bathroom bitching wall that is Twitter, the beef picked up momentum quickly with Mayweather refereeing to 50 as boy (and fuck boy?), and then gives props to the dude that shot 50 and mocks 50’s failing rap career. 50 in turn calls Floyd a punk and a coward before explaining that Floyd would be better prepared to fulfill his Money Team financial obligations if he didn’t spend all his cash on hoes.

It’s all a bit of grimy voyeuristic fun at the moment but you know how that Hip-Hop saying goes; it’s all fun and games until someone does a drive-by.

Pictures by Getty Images