Fit-As-Hell Astronaut Runs First ‘Space Marathon’ 400KM Above Us

While we Earthlings are rubbing bleary eyes after commemorating Anzac Day at a dawn service, or enjoying the extra day off work with a laze in bed, Brit astronaut / general overachiever Tim Peake is officially the first person to successfully complete a marathon in space.
The 44-year-old ran the 42km London Marathon while strapped to a treadmill aboard the International Space Station, with an iPad beaming IRL footage of the 37,000-plus runners pounding the city streets 400km below him.
Peake – who’s on the ISS for a 6 months – ran a time of 3:35:21, which is only 15 mins slower than the 3:18:50 he clocked when he last completed the marathon, on Earth back in 1999 (the race winner, Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge, made 2:03:05… but could he do it strapped to a treadmill?).
Here he is detaching himself from the treadie post-race, like it ain’t no thang:

After that A+ effort, it was time for a freeze-dried meal and a lie down. 


Meanwhile, dis you:

Photo: UK Space Agency.