Some shit jokes only have a tiny window of time where they’re acceptable to be said out loud without someone rightfully womping the teller over the head with a rolled-up newspaper. And while a big chunk of the sports-not-liking public is amusing themselves greatly today by either proudly informing people how much they don’t care about sports, or sarcastically referring to all on-field activity as “sportsball,” another chunk is having a right old time with the fact that if you shift one letter in Super Bowl to the left, you get the rather robust phrase “Superb Owl.”

Yes folks, it’s Super Bowl day, which means all across social media people are looking at the official #superbowl hashtag and wondering aloud why everyone is talking about birds all of a sudden.

On the scale of rotten, overused gags it sits somewhere between “more like spendings!” and “Hi hungry, I’m Dad,” but the added benefit here is that at least this one comes with a swathe of photos of badass owls to look at.


Nice one, gang. Good joke, well made.

However if all this talk of birds is a good Philadelphia-related omen for later in the day then who are we to argue?

Fly, Eagles. Fly.

Image: Getty Images / Arterra