England has all but exploded following the country’s win over Denmark in extra time at the EUROS 2020, with footage of football fans just going absolutely hog wild popping up on social media.

Footage is doing the rounds of fans fully ripping the lid off after Harry Kane pinged in a penalty during extra time at Wembley Stadium (which is already being hotly contested), and then again when the clock ran down at the end of the game.

It’s the first time England has made it through to the Euros final, and the first time they’ve made it to a major final in 55 years. So, understandably, England fans have absolutely lost their shit with the now 50/50 chance that it’s actually coming home.

A video taken looking over London proves just how fired up everyone is, if only just from hearing all the shouting and screaming from fans across the city.

Over in Clapham just south of London, people have been seen flooding the streets, hooting and singing It’s Coming Home en masse. Absolute scenes here, my god.

Across the city, punters are climbing whatever they can to celebrate the win, and I highly suspect this might just go on right up until the final game in a few days’ time.

Elsewhere, beers became airborne as the clock counted down to the final score, and confirmation that England were headed to the final against Italy.

It’s just carnage out there in England right now, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Following the big win, England players joined the massive 60,000 strong crowd at Wembley in a booming rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline‘, and the footage of that alone sends shivers up the spine.

I can’t get over this king at Wembley, who just went fully ass over tit while sending it in the stands.

King. Shit.

It’s also worth noting that ahead today’s semi final, the UK government admitted that the huge crowds of football fans at Wembley and across England could result in a big COVID-19 outbreak in the country, saying they could not “guarantee” the match wouldn’t result in a spike in cases.

England will now face Italy in the Euros 2020 final back at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 11 July – which works out to be Monday morning our time. The whole bloody country might be levelled if they pull this one off and really bring it home.

Image: Getty Images / Anadolu Agency