England Fans Invaded An IKEA After Beating Sweden At The World Cup

Meanwhile in London, England football fans invaded an IKEA after defeating Sweden in the 2018 Russia World Cup quarter-final.

If you stayed up to watch the game then you would have witnessed England’s 2-0 victory over the Swedes. English fans went into full meltdown and poured into the streets singing and chanting.

Transport for London actually reported traffic blockages.

Per the footage doing the rounds on Twitter, fans in Stratford are seen singing the Three Lions’ It’s coming home and rushing into an IKEA store. The video was presumably filmed by the cashier who can be heard saying “what the hell?” 

Another video shows fans jumping on a display bed and kicking cushions around:


While some people found the raucous funny, others have shared their disgust and shame:


One Twitter user by the name of Mark wrote “Let’s get some of these gammons named, shamed so @IKEAUK & @metpoliceuk can get them convicted!!” 

IKEA UK actually responded to Mark’s tweet writing:

“We are aware of a small group of fans celebrating the match result in one of our stores. Being both British and Swedish, we were on the edge of our seats during the game and we would like to say ‘grattis!’ (that’s congratulations in Swedish) to the England team for getting through to the semi-finals. In celebration, we’ve put one of the nation’s favourite dishes, fish and chips, on offer for just £1.”

Comedian Elis James wrote:

While another compared the English to the Japanese: 



Another applauded Croatia’s huge but seemingly appropriate celebrations in comparison to the English fans:


England will face Croatia next for a spot in the finals.

In far calmer scenes, Kensington Palace sent out a royal bird congratulating the national team:

Earlier that day, the Bands of the Guards Division played a rendition of It’s Coming Home:

Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic had also made a bet with English legend David Beckham, agreeing to buy dinner for him if Sweden lost the match. If Sweden won, Beckham would buy Ibrahimovic anything he wanted from IKEA.

France will take on Belgium on July 11 and England will go up against Croatia on July 12 for a spot in the finals.