The legendary Eddie Betts just played his 300th game to a spectacular win against the Gold Coast Suns, and got a bit of sweet personal vindication to boot.

It turns out that he’d bet his brother-in-law, Tom Scullie, that if he kicked five goals, Scullie would commemorate the occasion in a suitably permanent way. Betts told reporters after the game:

My brother-in-law said if I kicked five goals, he’d get a tattoo of my face on his left butt cheek.

Welp, Eddie kicked not five but SIX goals, and Scullie, a man of his word, honoured the bet. His very first tattoo is on his arse, and is the grinning face of a man who bested him fair and square.

Betts documented the entire process via Instagram, and the official AFL Facebook page has kindly uploaded a compilation of his Insta videos, featuring a very nervous and defeated – but sportsmanlike! – Scullie baring his butt in a tattoo studio to receive the spoils of his poor gambling decisions.

Scullie ended up with a cartoon version of Betts’ face just like the illustration in his kids’ book, My Kind.

It turns out that Betts’ fifth goal was the work of Crows teammate Lachie Murphy, who was in on the whole thing:

Murphy knew about the bet. He said, ‘How many goals have you kicked?’, and I said four. He said, ‘All right, I’ll stay down.’

Now there’s a teammate you can trust.

For his part, Scullie has said that if Betts manages to score nine goals, he’ll get his right cheek done. I think we can all agree, that’s the kind of in-law relationship worth documenting for 126,000 Instagram followers.

Watch the entire butt check tatty saga below: