Eamon Sullivan Involved In Wild Mobile Scooter Chase

Eamon Sullivan, the man with the greatest Chocolate Delice in the land, is the latest Olympic swimmer to be embroiled in controversy after a wild bucks party got out of control over the weekend.

Police are investigating a wild chase on a the sidewalks of Adelaide that ended in tears when a motorised pensioners scooter plowed into a table outside of a popular Adelaide pub, injuring two people. It’s not clear how much beer was spilled onto the ‘injured’ victims and police are yet to lay any charges but the residents of Adelaide are (probably) questioning whether the Supreme Court’s recent suppression of South Australia’s anti-hoon laws are to blame.

Constitutional squabbling aside, Sullivan is alleged to have been part of the group that took the scooter on a joyride prior to the accident. Sullivan’s management have confirmed such an incident occurred but are denying any involvement from Sullivan.

Eamon was in Gawler for a friend’s wedding. Whilst it is apparent that
an accident occurred there is no evidence that Eamon was the party
responsible for any such accident

While there’s an absence of any solid evidence pointing to Sullivan as the wheel-man, many are still speculating that Sullivan was the one who lost control of the scooter. Going on recent efforts in the pool, our Aussie swimmers aren’t exactly accustomed to traveling at such great speeds.

via Sky News