Dylan Alcott Shares Letter From Prince Harry Ft. Shared Love Of Budgie Smugglers

Aussie tennis legend Dylan Alcott has shared a personal letter from Prince Harry himself, in which the British royal expounded on his love of budgie smugglers.

Yes, he also congratulated Alcott on his recent Wimbledon win, but let’s not allow that to distract us from the extremely Dad vibes exuded from Prince Harry’s admission.

Taking to Instagram last night, Alcott shared a photo of Prince Harry’s message on Kensington Palace stationery, which referenced the Australian’s 6-0, 6-2 win over Britain’s Andy Lapthorne in July.

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Prince Harry also thanked Alcott for his contributions to last year’s Invictus Games in Australia.

“Your achievements are extraordinary, and the impact you have had in raising awareness and changing perceptions of disability is really inspiring,” Prince Harry said.

Then there was the post-script.

“I’m wondering if you wore your Invictus Games budgie smugglers on the big night to accept it? Mine have come in handy during the recent UK heatwave!”

It’s worryingly easy to imagine Prince Harry, half-nuddy, sprawled out on a deckchair while Meghan Markle and young Archie brush up on terms like “silly mid-on” and “Christ, Smith really is going to notch a century, isn’t he?”

Cameras even caught the moment Prince Harry was presented with the bathers while sitting next to Alcott last year, if that’s your kind of deal. Given the UK’s rapidly-rising temperatures, we’ll probably see a bit more of them yet.