ICYMI Cameras Caught Dylan Alcott And Grace Tame Sharing The Most Wholesome Moment At The Open

Grace Tame and Dylan Alcott have consolidated their status as Australian legends not just through their immense talent but by also having incredibly sweet bestie energy.

Alcott, a sporting icon and Paralympian, officially took over the mantle of Australian of the Year from Tame earlier this week.

He made history by doing so, becoming the first person with a disability to be named AOTY.

Alcott’s list of tennis achievement is vast: he’s the only man to complete the ‘Golden Slam’ for quad singles and the only man to complete the ‘Golden Slam’ for quad doubles.

And, as we all know, Tame is a powerful advocate who pulls no punches when it comes to calling out fuckery (*cough cough* PR king Scott Morrison).

Now, an extremely wholesome interaction between the two has emerged from Dylan Alcott’s final professional tennis game.

Alcott lost to Sam Schröder in the Quad Singles Finals at the Aus Open on Thursday night, having previously announced his intention to retire after the Open ended.

During Alcott’s match, the camera panned over to Tame in the crowd. Then, Alcott mouthed “I love you Tame-y” before winning a point.

Legends support legends, indeed.

Dylan Alcott tweeted about his final match, thanking his fans for their unwavering support.

Honestly this man. Simply put: a king.


Tame replied in a very wholesome fashion and then on Friday shared a lengthy Insta post celebrating Alcott’s achievements.

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“In turning out the way it did, the first photo perfectly captured the irony—the out-of-focus flash of bright life on a backdrop of total darkness—that is being the Australian of the Year,” she wrote.

“In parts it is black, raw and unforgiving. In parts it is magically beautiful.

“Now is Dylan’s time … He’s a born leader. A tireless fighter. A remarkable human being. A wonderfully supportive friend.

“Not only is he an exemplary representative of another marginalised community; he’s a hero to us all. He is and always will be a legend.”

And if you weren’t already shedding multiple tears at that, Dylan Alcott replied: “This made me tear up Tamey. You’re an incredible person.

“You’ve changed the game – and I’m proud I now get to call you a mate”.

I’ll say it again: legends absolutely supporting legends. We fkn love to see it.