So apparently there was some sports game over in the States today – not really sure what it entailed or whomst was victorious. In fact, aside from Shakira’s licky-licky tongue moment, I simply did not give a fuck about the festivities. Neither did this sleepy guy below, apparently, who was snapped having a lil’ nap in the first quarter. The difference is, I wasn’t sitting in a seat estimated to be worth $10,400AUD.

“Somehow, this man is sleeping through the #SuperBowl,” Karisa Maxwell from Sporting News posted. “We’re still only in the first quarter.”

This man, whoever he is, has become an unintentional martyr for those with no interest in sport, or, moreso, those who simply have a greater interest in sleep. I mean, according to Seat Geek, the average price of a ticket on game day was well over $6,000 USD, and our newfound king literally didn’t even last a full quarter before catching some z’s. He is already my favourite person on the planet, and a true MVP in my eyes. Brava.

In a serious of wild events, Karisa, an iconic sleuth, eventually spotted someone showing sleepy man the footage.

I hope he enjoyed it, and I hope he equally enjoyed the internet’s quality reactions.

To this sleeping beauty, my heart is yours. Thank you for being you, and for evidently not giving the slightest fuck.

Image: Twitter / @KarisaMaxwell