Drake Loves The Toronto Raptors Almost As Much As He Loves His Ex-Girlfriends

The newly appointed ‘global ambassador’ of Canadian NBA franchise the Toronto Raptors, Drake, proves that his duties encompass more than just being the coolest guy in Canada, wearing throwback Vince Carter jerseys and convincing celebrities to accompany him courtside at Raptors home games by spitting some hot love and emotion in a new clip about how much Toronto means to him.

The glass cage of emotion known to speak openly about things which are personally important to him compares his love for the Raptors to “something you live by, something you die by” and generally bares his soul as he performs an emotion-filled soliloquy for an NBA franchise which started from the bottom and is here (somewhere slightly above the bottom).

Good work, Drake. Still never going to watch a Raptors game though.