Watch Dave Batista Get His Nose Ring Ripped Out With Pliers At WrestleMania

It absolutely kicks ass that the year is 2019 and we now have footage of Drax the Destroyer getting a cheap looking nose ring reefed out of his face with a pair of needle nose pliers. Wrestling is the greatest and is objectively better than whatever thing you like.

[jwplayer wqe0X5mC]

The man born Dave Batista made a long-awaited return to the WWE – the arena he originally made his name in – earlier today at WrestleMania, facing off against old friend and foe Triple H in a wild, utterly ridiculous No Holds Barred brawl that saw Big Dave leave with less jewellery than he walked in with.

At some point during the match, Triple H pinned down Batista with a folding chair, mounted it, and reefed the nose ring out of old mate’s face without mercy.

Bah gawd! BAH GAWD!

Say what you want about whether you reckon the ring was actually pulled out of there or whether some tricky camera work was at play there, the one thing you simply cannot deny: It’s prime meme fodder.

Hard to see how Drax can come back from disintegration in Endgame after Batista had the source of all his power removed, but here we bloody are I guess.

Wrestling. It’s the absolute good gear, mates.