AFL Ledge Darcy Vescio Has Come Out As Non-Binary, As If We Couldn’t Stan Them Even More

Aussie rules footballer Darcy Vescio has just come out as non-binary and we couldn’t be more proud.

The 28-year-old forward for Carlton announced the news this afternoon on Twitter.

“Just popping to let you know that I am non-binary,” they wrote.

“Sharing this feels a bit daunting but brings me a lot of warmth and happiness.

“I am most comfortable with they/them pronouns and will always respond to Darcy unless in trouble.

“Thank you for reading.”

The sports star accompanied the text with a gorgeous pic of them smiling most likely after proudly telling the world who they really are. We love to see, read and feel represented by it, folks.

Adorably, their news has been celebrated online.

“Onya Darcy,” said one user.

Another summed it up nicely: “Things you did: that”. Period.

We personally need a bucket and a mop after the tearjerking journey this one took us on: “They, them or Darcy. Doesn’t change how awesome you are.

“Showing your tweet to my non-binary child so they feel more validated. What matters is the light that shines from inside you, not the filter the rest of us see.

“Thank you. Be you. Stay wonderful.”

If anyone ever asks why stories like this matter, just point them to that tweet.

Darcy joins the AFL enby hall of fame with Gold Coast Suns player Tori Groves-Little, who came out as openly non-binary earlier this year.

Last week, Groves-Little spoke to AFLW about their gender identity, and called for people within the sport to make an effort with using people’s correct pronouns which, let’s be honest, should be literally the bare minimum.

“If you do say ‘she’ is really good at footy, it’s a quick [change] to ‘they’,” they explained.

“Try not to make a big deal out of it, because if you make a big deal, it makes me awkward and then it makes you awkward.”

Honestly, it’s been great seeing more visible and public trans, agender, non-binary and other non-cisgendered voices in the public this year. Seeing people like Darcy Vescio, G-Flip and Demi Lovato share their truth and receive such a lovely response back gives young queer people the courage to come out themselves.

TL;DR: onya Darcy.