Daniel Ricciardo Just Missed Out On The Coveted Red Bull Seat In 2025

When Aussie Formula 1 star and noted heartthrob Daniel Ricciardo landed a seat driving for Visa Cash App RB, it was believed to be a stepping stone for him to eventually get back to Red Bull, alongside his former world champion teammate Max Verstappen. Sadly for Ricciardo, it looks like his dreams of being back in the Red Bull driving seat won’t come true any time soon, now that Red Bull driver Sergio Perez extended his contract for another two years.

Visa Cash App RB (great name, rolls of the tongue) is like the little brother of Red Bull. It was formerly known as Alpha Tauri (and even more formerly known as Torro Rosso), a team credited for showcasing Red Bull’s up-and-coming talent. Ricciardo landed a spot driving for the team alongside Yuki Tsunoda, taking over from Nyck de Vries halfway through the season in 2023. This came after a three-year stint at McLaren where he didn’t do particularly well.

Red Bull was where Daniel Ricciardo got his start in F1. Look at this sweet baby boy!!!! (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

For the 2024 season, Ricciardo only signed a one-year deal. Since then, he’s been outspoken in his hopes of either landing a Red Bull seat in 2025 or at the very least, sticking with Visa Cash App RB.

And for a little while, it was looking like maybe, just maybe, Ricciardo had hopes of taking over the seat of Perez, who wasn’t zooming to the levels that Red Bull expects from a teammate of a world champion driver. But now that Perez has been locked in for another two years, it means that Ricciardo’s likelihood of returning to Red Bull is pretty fkn low especially since Verstappen’s contract is locked in until 2028.

While Ricciardo is rumoured to keep his spot with Visa Cash App RB — allegedly because he’s got the support of team principal Christian Horner (AKA Mr. Ginger Spice, for those wondering) — it’s no secret that his performance hasn’t been too fab as he sits in 14th place, four spots behind his teammate Tsunoda.

Currently, a bunch of F1 drivers are looking uncertain of securing a spot in the 2025 season. Ferrari’s smooth operator Carlos Sainz hasn’t locked in a seat for next year after his spot was taken by seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton earlier this year.

Esteban Ocon‘s future on the grid is in turmoil after he had a cheeky crash with his Alpine teammate Pierre Gasley, announcing that he will leave the team at the end of 2024.

Kevin Magnussen is yet to land a spot, and Tsunoda has previously stated that if he didn’t get the Red Bull promotion alongside Verstappen, he’d be open to other offers. So, I guess, he’s on the hunt now.

Who said sports aren’t full of drama?!!?