Looks Like Crust Pizza May Have Already Called State Of Origin For QLD

State of Origin might not kick off until tomorrow night, but as far as the pizza business is concerned the fix might already be in: According to at least one Crust Pizza outlet, the race is already over and Queensland has already won. Stay with us on this one.

[jwplayer OFl5zpsG]

One punter lit up social media earlier today by revealing the curious box they got sent last night by Crust who apparently are so sure that the Maroons are going to trot over the top of New South Wales tomorrow night that they’re already sending messages of condolence to Blues fans.

Brett Totten posted the photo of the box on Twitter, revealing the message Crust was apparently keen to send out a full two nights before Origin 1.

Ahh… yep. Look, I know the Blues side has been ravaged by various injuries but this feels a bit presumptuous even by most scales. Do they have a window into the future? Are they trying to rig the betting markets? Are they simply leaning into the fact that the default New South Wales emotion is abject misery?

As it turns out, the Crust in question engaged in a little premature celebration.

Crust appears to have ordered and printed a whole mess of Origin-specific boxes to be sent out to fans in whichever state winds up on the losing end come tomorrow night. The pizza slingers posted a preview of the other side of the coin after the NSW edition managed to slip out a little early.

Still, having the NSW one sent out early and losing the vital Crust Pizza endorsement to Queensland in the process? That’s a mountain of a hill to climb for the Blues. Hard to see them coming back from that.