For the second time this week, a man has died after being struck by a cricket ball.

BBC News report that this latest incident occurred at a match in Israel. Hillel Oscar, 55, was the former captain of the national cricket team, and was umpiring a match in the city of Ashdod when the tragedy struck.

Reports indicate that “a fast delivery by the bowler came off the batsman’s bat, striking the wicket and then the man.” There are conflicting accounts as to whether he was hit in the face or the chest. but medics were unable to revive him after he collapsed.

Cricket is not a major sport in Israel, although there is a league with a number of expat players from countries including India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

On Thursday of this week, Australian cricketer Phil Hughes died from his injuries after being struck in the head by a ball. 

Former teammate Michael Clarke paid an emotional tribute to Hughes yesterday, and his funeral will be held on Wednesday of this week.

Photo: Paul Kane via Getty Images