Cricket Australia Is Either Racist Or Thinks Monty Panesar Looks Like A Tellytubby

A disappointing distraction from Australia dominating England in the Ashes today, as Cricket Australia comes under fire for a social media gaffe. The governing body for Australian cricket posted an image to their Twitter of four bearded, apparently Indian fans dressed as Teletubbies with Kanye glasses. No surprises there, it’s an entertaining photo, and apart from the fact that it reiterates that I will never, ever understand cricket fans, there was nothing untoward about it.

The problem was the caption that Cricket Australia chose – “Will the real Monty Panesar please stand up?!” – which suggests Cricket Australia (or the lowly intern who runs their Twitter account) thinks either a) that spin bowler Monty Panesar (who is English-born Sikh of Indian descent), looks like a Teletubby, or b) All Indian dudes look the same. We’re going to assume the latter, thanks to the criticisms of alarmingly casual racism that were quickly levelled at Cricket Australia.

The tweet was swiftly removed and apologised for, but Twitter user @R9Rai kept the original, because on the internet (to paraphrase Pharrell Williams) nothing ever really dies.

Via Lead image via Twitter.