Conor McGregor Is Somehow Biffing With The Entire WWE On Twitter At Once

Bless the sweet, swear-filled heart of Conor McGregor, who’s never seen a fight (physical or verbal) that he didn’t readily shape up to.

In the months following his shock tap out loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, McGregor caused an almighty shitstorm by abruptly “retiring” from the UFC and the sport of mixed-martial arts over promotional commitment quarrels with boss Dana White in the lead-up to UFC 200.
At the time, the (ultimately short-lived) abrupt pulling up of stumps lead many to speculate that McGregor could make the jump across to the WWE; a promotion and form of entertainment the motor-mouthed Irishman would seemingly be a perfect fit for.
WELP. Turns out that’s probably never gonna happen.
In an conference call for the upcoming UFC 202 card, where McGregor gets his rematch against Diaz, one reporter brought up the recent cross-promotion the UFC and the WWE have undertaken in order for Brock Lesnar to compete for both companies. But when asked if McGregor would ever consider making the jump to the world of pro-wrestling, he wasn’t subtle in his thoughts:
For the most part, those WWE guys are pussies. They’re messed-up pussies, if you ask me.
Fair play to Brock [Lesnar], he got in and fought. But at the end of the day he was juiced up to the fuckin’ eyeballs. So how can I respect that?”

That alone would’ve been enough to get an entire industry full of very large, loud men riled up. But Conor decided that a little clarification was in order:

Collectively, everyone who witnessed the barb immediately became BillHaderEatingPopcorn.gif as they waited for the inevitable wave of responses from the WWE’s roster.


But then came the biggest bomb of all, from the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who straight-up belted Conor for jacking his steez, challenging him to try on noted “real” tough men/amateur wrestlers from the pro-graps world like Lesnar, Fit Finlay, or Dolph Ziggler.

Ric Flair pointing at his shoes just about signals the full stop in any pro-wrestling-related argument.

All we need now is the Iron Sheik calling McGregor a jabroni and threatening to make him humble and we’ll have the full deck.
Oh? What’s that?

There it is, folks. We have a Royal Flush.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Brandon Magnus, Zuffa LLC/Getty.