Collingwood Large Boy Mason Cox’s ‘Dundee’ Getup Is Your 2018 Mad Monday MVP

They might have fallen short in the AFL Grand Final this past Saturday, but the Collingwood boys took home the bickies in the league’s Mad Monday stakes thanks in no small part to extremely tall American bloke Mason Cox.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

After enduring the heartbreak of the Grand Final loss and the associated fallout, the Pies gathered in Richmond yesterday for the club’s Mad Monday – or, more accurately, Wacky Wednesday – celebrations, blowing off the steam of the season by blowing the top off a few frothies.

Cox, a piss-taking powerhouse of the AFL, got his weirdly ripped rig out and strutted his stuff in what’s probably the most apt, character-appropriate, and frankly bang-on-the-money Mad Monday costume of all time: A very lanky Crocodile Dundee.

Old mate posted a shot of his very good getup on Instagram while treating the world to a little round of traditional Australian Knifey-Spoony.

It’s certainly not the first time Big Cox has had a laugh at his own expense. Cop this self-roasting he posted on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Good lord. You can’t just dunk on yourself that hard. It’s unconscionable.

Realistically though, we’re just keen to see if a) Cox’s Dad got an invite, and b) What his costume would’ve been. Because all empirical evidence points towards the elder Cox being an absolute weapon.

Larrikinism. It runs in the family.