Cody Simpson Hints Return To Music After Missing Out On The 2024 Olympics: ‘Exciting Projects’

Cody Simpson — Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber and pro swimmer — has missed out on representing Australia at the 2024 Paris Olympics. However, the beloved singer-turned-athlete has revealed his next career plans and it could mean more music.

Earlier this week, the 27-year-old missed out on his first chance at swimming at the Olympics after he failed to qualify for the 100m freestyle finals. However, Simpson had one last chance on Saturday to nab a spot in the Dolphins swim team by qualifying through his preferred race, the 100m butterfly.

Unfortunately, Simpson’s Olympic dream officially came to a close after he swam into fifth place at the 100m butterfly final. He also did not meet the qualifying time, which was only met by Aussie record holder Matt Temple, who won the race with a time of 51.15 seconds.

Cody Simpson of Queensland competes in the Men’s 100m Butterfly Final during the 2024 Australian Swimming Trials at Brisbane Aquatic Centre. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

“I did what I could do, and that’s all you can do,” Simpson told reporters, as per 9News Wide World Of Sports.

“I’ve come a lot further in the last four years than perhaps I could have bargained for, starting from zero and trying to see how far I could get in half or a third of the time that everybody else has been training, just to do right by that kid in me that gave it up to go and pursue something else, which I had an incredible journey.

“I wanted to come into these last four years and just have a really good go.”

(Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Aussie singer-turned-swimmer. Simpson shared that he had “exciting projects lined up” with some of them involving his passion for music.

“The discipline and resilience and perseverance that swimming has again instilled in me is something that I’m really excited to implement in my future endeavours because it’s just helped me grow so much,” the “AiYiYiYi” singer began.

“I can’t wait to take that back into music and entertainment and see what I can do.

“I’ve got some exciting projects lined up for after this that I was going to go back to regardless of how this week went.”

As a casual fan of Cody Simpson, I can’t help but be super proud of the bloke and impressed by his duality. Also, if anyone has tried doing a bloody butterfly stroke, it is bonkers. So, more props to him!

Even though his Olympic trials may be over, we’ll still be rooting for the bloke both beside the pool and in the pit!

Image source: Getty Images / Quinn Rooney