Cody Simpson Has Missed Out On His First Chance To Nab A Spot At The 2024 Paris Olympics

Cody Simpson, the teenage-pop-sensation-turned-pro-swimmer, has unfortunately missed out on his first chance of representing Australia at the 2024 Paris Olympics after placing 10th in the 100m freestyle Australia selection trials.

It’s heartache across the nation for those who are rooting for the “AiYiYi” singer’s Olympian dreams after he failed to nab a spot in the men’s 100m freestyle final in Brisbane.

The 27-year-old placed overall 10th in the heats, clocking a time of 49.04 seconds. Per The Daily Telegraph, the beloved musician needed to nab a spot in the top eight to qualify for the 100m final on Thursday night.

Although it might be disheartening at first glance, Simpson does have a second chance to fulfil his Olympic dreams on Saturday through the 100m butterfly race, which is his preferred race.

(Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

“I’m feeling pretty good. I did the best I could out there,” Simpson shared, per the publication.

“It’s a stacked field in that 100m free so I knew it was going to be a bit iffy trying to get into that final so it was a good warm up for the 100m fly.

“It’s not my main event, it’s sort of the second most important to me but I love the freestyle so I thought I’d get in and have a crack.”

For Simpson to book a ticket to Paris, he needs to finish in the top two in the 100m butterfly. As The Daily Telegraph reports, that means he needs to beat or meet the qualifying time of 51.17 seconds. Ugh, my asthma is acting up thinking about it!

In 2021, Simpson missed out on the Tokyo Olympics. However, the singer managed to take his stroke to the Commonwealth Games and qualify for the 100m butterfly race, where he ultimately placed 5th.

Not too bloody shabby, mate!

Look, I may be over my Cody Simpson surfer boy phase, but I am truly manifesting this Olympian dream for him. Especially for the butterfly race because that is a damn brutal stroke if you’ve ever tried it!

We’re rooting for you, CODY!!!

The 2024 Paris Olympics will kick off on July 26 and can be watched on Channel 9 or 9now.

Image source: Getty Images / Chris Hyde