As we’ve previously reported, some people in China are really, really not stoked about comments Aussie Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Mack Horton made about rival Sun Yang having previously been caught drug cheating.

The swimmer has been copping dickloads of abuse on Twitter and Instagram, as has pretty much anyone who has so much as mentioned in him in a tweet. 

These people are hammering him like it’s going out of style and they are sure getting creative with their insults:

Unbelievably most of these incredible gems are from within the same one hour time period so, uh, RIP Mack Horton’s mentions forever. 

Because these are the funniest things in the world, here’s a bunch more:

And lastly, a bonus one courtesy of Bing translate:

We can only assume ‘eggs’ is some slang for balls or this guy really wants to ruin Horton’s breakfast.

Photo: Getty Images / Clive Rose.