Check Out UFC Fighter Michael Bisping’s Grisly Toe Injury

Do you want to see something really gross that happened to a dude’s toe during a UFC bout? You do, don’t you, you sick fucks? That’s why you’re here. It’s okay, we have the good stuff, and we won’t hold out on you much longer. 

First, though, a little context. During the recent UFC Fight Night 72, Britain’s Michael Bisping took on Thales Leites, and triumphed, to earn his 17th career victory. During the bout, however, his mobility seemed a little … off.
It turned out that Bisping had suffered an injury to his left big toe, splitting it open after landing a kick to his opponent’s knee. 
Now, we’re not doctors (much to the disappointment of our parents) but it appears that the kick ripped some kind of callus off Bisping’s toe, and left it hanging. 
“It’s just an annoying injury,” he said after the fact. “Every step was painful. But I’m not going to complain.” Here’s your last chance to back out, but we know you won’t.
You wanna see this, right? That’s why you kept scrolling down.

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via Bleacher Report

Photo: John Hedges via Getty Images