Casually Enjoy The Most Fucking Insane Buzzer Beater In Recent NBA History

March Madness might be happening as we speak, but the NBA has casually decided to out-pace the whole tournament by producing one of the most truly bananas basketballing moments the month of March has ever seen thanks to a Charlotte Hornets buzzer beater that has to be seen to be believed.

[jwplayer ph2uligS]

A game Charlotte outfit looked all-but dead and buried in Canada against the Toronto Raptors after Jeremy Lamb fumbled an in-bound pass with less than three seconds remaining and with the Hornets trailing by two.

Then this shit happened.

Look at it.



Lamb manages to gather the ball from well beyond half court, heaves up a near-blind rainbow that just about hits the bloody roof, and it somehow banks in.

Insanity. Pure bedlam. Every Raptors fan in the arena simultaneously turning into Stephen A Smith.

For the stats nerds among you, at 48-feet that’s the second-longest game-winning buzzer beater of the past 20 years. Only Tyreke Evans has a longer one: a 49-foot heave in a 2010 Sacramento Kings stunner against the Memphis Grizzlies.

We simply cannot stress this strongly enough: Scenes. Absolute scenes, folks.