Carlos Tevez And His Offensive Payslip

I’m not exactly sure how I expected Premier League stars to get paid. Maybe a weekly Armaguard delivery, or the club boss trundling a wheelbarrow full of gold pieces down the driveway, or even synchronized wire transfers to the Cayman Islands? Turns out it’s just as boring as the rest of us as illustrated by a leaked copy of Carlos Tevez’s plain old payslip. Except unlike most of us, millionaire footballers have a few extra digits tacked on the end of their monthly salary. 

I did feel a little awkward posting his payslip before I realised that he earned more in a month than I may earn in my entire working life. Deal with it.

There was a small large vindictive part of me glad to see that even football stars get bent over by the taxman with Tevez’s a weekly income of 744, 287 pounds taking a 300,000 pound hit after taxes and deductions. It’s snoopy voyeuristic viewing at best.

And this is why, when he’s not going AWOL in Argentina for three months, they pay him the big bucks.


Picture by Getty Images