And he may have done so shortly after just casually saving a friend from drowning.

Brazilian Carlos Burle, surfer and owner of huge balls, was surfing the mega-wave spot of Nazaré, Portugal, when his friend and fellow big-wave surfer Maya Gabiera wiped out and was knocked unconscious in the water. Burle reportedly collected Gabiera on a jetski and took her to shore, where other surfers performed CPR and she was taken to hospital, where she remains in good condition, suffering only a broken ankle.

For most people, that would be enough excitement for one day. But not Carlos Burle. He channelled his inner madman and headed back out into the surf, catching this stupidly big wave, which might just turn out be the biggest in history.

The Guiness World Record for the ballsiest man alive highest wave ever surfed is currently held by Hawaiian Garrett McNamara, who caught a hundred-foot monster at the same surf break in January. Burle is awaiting confirmation that his wave broke the record, with onlookers estimating that his wave could have been almost 20 feet higher than McNamara’s. Burle is the teeny-tiny speck in the spine-tinglingly huge surge of water in the utterly terrifying picture below.

“It was luck. We never know when we will be catching the wave.” Burle told Surfer Today after his death defying display. “I still hadn’t surfed any wave and everyone had already had their rides. Maya almost died. For me, it was a big adrenaline moment to get back there after what happened.”

Via Yahoo UK. Image by Francisco Leong via Getty