The Brisbane Broncos have copped an unprecedented savaging from within their own ranks, after a disappointing season ended with a gender reveal stunt on the field.

This week, the Broncos went down to the Cowboys 32-16, securing them the dubious honour of being in the last-placed spot for the season.

After the match, the other members of the team gathered around retiring player Darius Boyd, who kicked a tiny ball to reveal a pink puff of smoke, to announce he and his wife are having a girl.

While this was pretty tame as far as gender reveals go – it didn’t spark a massive, deadly forest fire, at least – senior management at the club were not impressed.

Chairman Karl Morris, who did not know about the planned gender reveal, was furious that the Broncos would pull a move like this after a season’s worth of defeat.

“I was embarrassed and disgusted by the gender reveal and celebrations post-match,” he said.

Nine’s Wide World Of Sports spoke to an “unnamed Broncos legend” who was also scathing about the stunt, saying:

“What has become of this club? Having a gender reveal after winning the wooden spoon? This club has lost all sense of reality. They are a joke.”


This year’s Broncos are officially the worst team in the club’s 22-year history, so there’ll probably be some big changes coming, and one of those will probably be a strict ‘no gender reveals’ policy.

Image: Getty Images / Bradley Kanaris