My New Religion Is This Clip Of Brock Lesnar Saying “Oooh, A Big Boy!” At The Royal Rumble

Of all the truly underrated aspects of Brock Lesnar – and there are few – that he’s quietly very, very funny is probably at the top of the pile.

[jwplayer HBT6FZZk]

Spending the bulk of yesterday’s Royal Rumble match tossing fools around like wet string, Lesnar settled into what’s almost inarguably his best form: Purple sweat beast having a laugh.

With Lesnar standing solo in the ring, having dispatched of his 12 previous opponents with ease, fellow meat castle Keith Lee approached the ring at #13.

Lee, a gifted athlete with extreme agility who also happens to be roughly the size of a double door fridge, had never faced off with Lesnar before yesterday’s massive WWE event in Houston. And Lesnar was clearly in legitimate awe at the size of the lad.

So much so that his immediate reaction was to quip “oooh, a big boy!”

That was quickly followed up by the equally good quip “who’s this motherfucker?” as Lesnar wrapped his head around the sheer heft on him.

Who among us has never locked eyes on an absolute Mack Truck of a bloke and pulled similar faces?

Spotting a human being built not like just one brick shithouses, but several, and been so taken aback by it that all you can do is let out an impressed “phhhwoooarrrrrrrr.”

Rounding a corner and suddenly having the light of day dimmed by the shadow of a man so physically big he probably bathes in a tank… Truly one of the most universal experiences.

In all things, at all times, I am Brock Lesnar sputtering “oooh, a big boy!” out mid-Royal Rumble match.