It Would Appear That Brock Lesnar’s “Very Big Son” Was A Very Big Fake

The internet is an ocean of fakes at the best of times, but seldom are any good enough to bubble through to the surface of mainstream attention. But it’s the ones that are *just* believable enough that inevitably break through, and that appears to have been the case for who or what was claiming to be the extremely jacked son of WWE/UFC star Brock Lesnar.

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Yesterday, scores of media outlets – yes, including this one – took the bait over the sudden appearance of an Instagram account claiming to belong to Luke Lesnar, the 17-year-old son of the current WWE Universal Champion.

The account posted twice in quick succession: A family photo from years ago which declared an appreciation for dear old Dad and an intention to enter into the “family” business, and one of a rather shredded looking young bloke posing in a gym locker room.

As far as believable stories go, “Brock Lesnar’s muscular teen son wants to train with the WWE” is as blindly followable as they get. It absolutely tracks that the son of a giant man would, by genetics alone, be also giant. Regrettably, this lead to a lot of face value being applied in the subsequent reporting of what otherwise may have been a very shallow story.

But the yarn began quickly unravelling when the “LukeBLesnar” Instagram account vanished almost as quickly as it appeared.

Soon after, various internet sleuths discovered that the ripped teen photo used by the account was actually lifted from the account of Bryce Winkelmann, a former US college soccer player and current stack of steaks taped together.

The one universal truth from this whole thing? That man up there is a certified Bigg Boy™. No doubt about it.

It’s hard at this stage to assert what physical state the real teen son of Brock Lesnar is in; Lesnar himself is fiercely secretive about his family life and information regarding his various offspring is hard to come by.

But in the meantime, the fake real/real fake Brock Jr is having a hell of time with this sudden and very odd influx of attention.

Seems only fair tbh.