Brazilian Judge Calls Bullshit On Ryan Lochte’s Wild Rio Robbing Yarn

Remember Ryan Lochte‘s story about being mugged by fake cops while he was in Rio for the Olympics? It was another story for the stack of yarns about athlete safety at the Games, and it was a wild one.

Well, a Brazilian judge has demanded that Lochte’s passport be seized alongside those of his fellow swimmers, on the suspicion that there are inconsistencies in his robbery story that needed to be ironed out. The one problem? Lochte is already back in the United States, so they’re a little late off the mark there.
Judge Keyla Blank “issued warrants for searches and the seizure of the passports for the US swimmers,” a statement from her office said.
The basis of the judge’s suspicion is inconsistency in the stories from the athletes involved in the robbery – such as the fact that they couldn’t get their story straight as to how many assailants there were. Police are still trying to track down the cab they were apparently in when it all went down.
Also, the crew were captured on hotel security footage after the alleged incident, looking pretty unconcerned about being involved in an armed holdup. “It’s noticeable that the victims arrived back physically and mentally unshaken, even joking with each other,” the judge said.
Big bender, maybe? We’re just asking questions.
But who knows? There doesn’t seem to be an immediate reason as to why a group of Olympic swimmers would deign to make up a story about being robbed in Rio. But then again, it’s a crazy, crazy world.
We’ll keep you posted if Lochte is suddenly abducted in his bed by a crack team of Brazilian black ops soldiers.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Getty Images / Matt Hazlett.