A lot has already been said about the conditions of the Athlete’s Village for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, most of it to the effect of “the conditions are not good”.

A week ago a representative from the Australian Olympic Committee deemed them unliveable, saying that you wouldn’t put people in them yet – hopefully a lot has changed in a week because we have done exactly that.

Aussie Olympic basketballer Andrew Bogut has taken to Twitter to extremely sarcastically compliment the luxurious conditions they’ve been graciously housed in for the duration of their stay:

OK so having to make your own shower curtain is a bit dodge, but that’s no worse than what I had to put up with at Grade 11 camp. Although, in fairness, I wasn’t competing athletically at a world level. I wasn’t competing athletically at any level.

Asked whether the beds were up to the task of accomodating the frankly ridiculous frames of the Boomers, Bogut said they had nothing to worry about:

Fingers crossed none of our athletes die from either Zika or some exotic shower fungus and manage to snag us a little bit of gold.

Photo: Twitter.