An ambitious black pussy cat interrupted an NFL game in New Jersey between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. Y’all thought Halloween was over? Think again, binch.

Mr Purrs (his new name, courtesy of moi) showed up to MetLife Stadium and dawdled onto the field around the end of the second quarter.

“This oughta be fun,” the commentators laughed, as Mr Purrs seemed to enjoy a leisure stroll while the entire audience began to cheer.

The crowd then erupted when Mr Purrs crossed the end zone, scoring a magnificent touchdown. Play was subsequently halted for around two minutes as officials struggled to get Mr Purrs off the damn field.

It was a whole thing, and boy was I here for the ride.

Check out the incredible footage below. Someone better be quick to sign Mr Purrs to their team – he’s hot property now.

Part of me feels bad for Mr Purrs, who obviously would have been a bit freaked out by the jeering. Part of me is also in awe of him – who’s to say that playing in the NFL wasn’t his lifelong dream? He may have been living his fullest fantasy, in which case we have no choice but to stan a feline in hot pursuit of his dreams. Above all else, though, part of me is just really intrigued as to how a black cat managed to find its way onto MetLife Stadium.

What a purr-fect ending to spooky season, I say.

Image: Getty Images / Emilee Chinn; YouTube / NFL