Watch This Absolute Fiend Flip Clear Over The Fence At An AFL Game In Brissy

When you’re at an AFL match and you’ve found yourself seated square behind the uprights, it is your God-given duty to a) smash a flogger up and down when your team kicks a snag and b) leap for as many speckies as you possibly can. No, I will not decipher these for you. If you know, then you know.

Literally any reason to let me use footage of Jake Carlisle playing his role of ‘the ladder’.

The following scene takes place during the bi-annual QClash at The Gabba, in the aptly-named Verandah – because it looks like the front deck of a fuckin’ fancy cafe, and not a grassy hill where you can sit and knock back a six pack for Milton Mangoes.

A particularly keen AFL fan, eager to get his hands on the game ball during the final seconds of the third term after Gold Coast Suns sprayed a shot for goal and it sailed through for a behind, ended up getting a little more than he bargained for.

The fella touched the pill, but didn’t complete the mark and instead flipped RIGHT OVER THE FENCE, only holding himself off the grass by showing off a mean feat that would have 100% popped both of my shoulders out of their sockets, if not ripped my arms off entirely.

The unknown flipper in a chambray button up and boat shoes was identified in Facebook comments as Darryl Pyper from Victoria Point Sharks Football Club, and rumoured to have been evicted from the grounds. Considering his feet didn’t touch the grass, it’s hotly debated whether he actually copped a fine for entering the field.

UPDATE: Brisbane Lions officials have confirmed that the big flippy boy was checked over by medics at the venue, and was allowed to return to his seat to watch the rest of the game, and won’t be issued a fine. Cheerin’!

Check out the video below, and never ever skip arm day again.