Bernard Tomic’s Dad Threatens To Sue Lleyton Hewitt As Feud Gets Messier

Bernard Tomic, Lleyton Hewitt

The feud between Bernard Tomic and Lleyton Hewitt has officially become even messier today, with Tomic’s father entering the fray to announce that he plans to take legal action against Hewitt over an alleged incident from back in 2010.

John Tomic, who is also Bernard’s long-time coach, claims that the incident took place in a Melbourne hotel when his son was 17. He says that Hewitt threatened to exclude the young player from the Davis Cup team unless he revealed who at Tennis Australia was “against him.”

Bernard Tomic and Lleyton Hewitt were already at odds before the alleged incident, with Hewitt questioning the young player’s suitability for the Davis Cup team. According to John Tomic, the blow-up in question occurred after comments his son made in an interview.

Tomic Sr told Fairfax:

“Bernard said something on the television before that Lleyton didn’t like. [Hewitt] came into Bernard’s room, closed the door and pushed [Davis Cup captain] John Fitzgerald out and he said, ‘You have to tell me who from TA is against me’.”

He went on to say that his son was traumatised and had trouble sleeping after the incident, and continued:

“He was young … 16 and a half or 17. How can you come in the room and threaten him and say you won’t play Davis Cup and say you won’t be close to me if you don’t tell me who from Tennis Australia is telling you what to say?”

He said that the family plans to take legal action against Hewitt over the “trauma” that his son suffered in 2010. A representative for Hewitt said that he knew nothing about the alleged incident and would not comment on the matter. John Fitzgerald has not commented.

On Monday of this week, Bernard Tomic said that Hewitt had “ruined” the Australian Davis Cup team, claiming that fellow players Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios do not want to be a part of it while he is in the leadership role.

Several days later, Hewitt responded, saying that his relationship with Bernard Tomic has become untenable as a result of physical threats and blackmail attempts against him.