Liv Simmons, the sister of Australia’s own NBA megastar Ben Simmons, has gone into bat for her younger brother amid rising criticism from conservative, mainstream media over his role in the incident that saw him allegedly denied entry at Crown Casino, in what Simmons alleged was an incident of racial profiling.

Liv, who played US college basketball for Arizona State, took aim at entertainment reporter Peter Ford, who bizarrely dug his heels in on Twitter over the issue, accusing Ben Simmons of “creating a false narrative,” and lying to fans.

Ford made repeated claims about the incident – namely that Simmons was both wearing camo pants and did not show ID – and that those, not racial profiling, were the root cause of the denied entry. Simmons himself has repeatedly rebuffed those claims from Ford, who was definitely not present when the incident occurred.

This morning, Liv Simmons fired into the conversation red hot, recounting stories of how she too has been denied entry into Crown previously for seemingly no reason other than skin colour, and even going so far as to cite the Casino’s own Mahogany Room dress code in debunking the ridiculous camo pants claim.

From there, Liv turned her attentions to Ford, stating that it was “yet another white man discrediting a black man’s experience,” and that she was “tired of old white Australian men saying things aren’t racist when they are,” which is honestly fair fucken enough.

Simmons deleted the original Instagram story post, but has been steadfastly defending himself on Twitter.

Crown Casino issued a statement to PEDESTRIAN.TV where they “strenuously” rejected all claims of racial discrimination.

Image: Twitter / Liv Simmons