Ben Simmons Gave Egg Boy A Shout Out On His Shoes Which Counts As An Assist

The reach and appeal of Egg Boy is wide and vast; uniting common folk and famous people alike in their admiration for the plucky teen who domed Senator Dipshit with a fresh chook egg at a sparsely-attended gathering of his fellow knuckle-draggers in Melbourne over the weekend. That reach has now extended to what’s arguably the highest-profile shout out so far: Ben Simmons.

Simmons gave ye olde Egg Boy an NBA-level shout out in today’s clash between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Charlotte Hornets, in the way of a sly nod on his gigantic and very egg-coloured shoes.

Prior to the game, Simmons’ shoes were snapped sporting a very plain and subtle “Egg Boy” message written in Sharpie on the side of his prodigious hoof.

Can’t help but think that noggy-coloured shoe was a deliberate choice as well. An eggy game for Big Ben all around.

It would seem that the power of the egg has compelled Ben to snap something of a minor form slump too; the boy from Fitzroy lead a Joel Embiid-less Sixers to a narrow 118 – 114 win over the Hornets, with Simmons himself dropping a game-high 28 points.

Egg Boy is love, folks. Egg Boy is love and strength and power. Long may he reign.