Battered Big Bash Seagull Makes Gutsiest Comeback In Cricket History

The annals of sporting history are dotted with instances of special individuals overcoming tremendous adversities, defying all odds, and snatching glory when it loomed as the least likely outcome.

It’s in these moments that we truly know the depths of the human spirit, the power of resilience, the astonishing capabilities of mental fortitude.
They’re the kind of triumphs that have galvanised nations in times of great stress; beleaguered populations throwing the entire weight of hope on to the shoulders of an individual, whose legs have become suddenly capable of carrying the load.
This, my friends, is where sport finds its true beauty; its resonance; its rattle and hum. For a brief handful of seconds it gains the ability to erase all the turmoil of the world that exists outside of it and shower those embraced by its bubble with pure, unbridled joy. These are the forever moments, and they are to be truly cherished.
And yet even sometimes, just sometimes, certain things happen that eclipse even the most unbelievable of achievements. Like when a world record is broken despite obvious injury and impairment. Or when the rankest of rank underdogs defies a thousand-to-one odds to cross the line in first place.
Or when a seagull gets the absolute stuffing knocked out of it and somehow manages to rally and shake it off like a goddamned boss.
A firmly struck pull shot from the Perth Scorchers’ Adam Voges managed to clean up a poor feathered friend who’d settled on the surface of the MCG during last night’s Big Bash League game against the Melbourne Stars.

Despite all looking very dire indeed for the little guy, turns out all he needed was a bit of a lie down to collect his thoughts. A few overs later the crowd roared to life as the seagull leapt back up to his feet, marking a remarkable recovery the likes of which has rarely – if ever – been seen on an Australian sporting arena.
This, my friends, is the precise embodiment of the indomitable Australian spirit; that never give up, never say die attitude; the insistence of never whinging or wallowing despite great personal suffering.
Sometimes life knocks you around. But if at first you don’t succeed, you dust yourself off and try again. Don’t wallow and give in. Just get on with the job.
We can all learn from this.