Baseball Player Pulls Off Flimflam Of The Year By Scoring Out With Fake Ball

In baseball, a catch is always a catch, even when it very clearly isn’t but you’ve somehow hypnotised the officials into thinking it is. Just ask Todd Frazier on MLB’s perennial bed shitters the New York Mets.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

Monday night the Mets were in Los Angeles taking on the Dodgers on a balmy Californian evening. In the bottom of the second inning, Frazier went after a foul ball that was comfortably headed for the first row. Not content to let that be an easy souvenir, the third baseman threw himself over the railing, grabbing the catch, earning the out, and scoring himself a bath in whatever beverages the rich units who can afford fence-side seats at Dodgers Stadium were sipping on in the process.

Decent catch, right? Nothing too out of the ordinary there.

As it turns out, not only did Frazier not make that catch, the ball he held up to the umpire to claim it was outrageously fake.

A closer inspection revealed Frazier dropped the actual game ball while tumbling over the fence. In a giant stroke of luck, his fall also knocked an extremely not game legal and rubber children’s ball from a bag resting on a fence-side table, which he scooped up, showed to the umpire, had the out counted, and casually tossed back over the fence before anyone noticed. Hell, the actual game ball was being passed between spectators directly in front of the umpire while he was making the call.

Shenanigans! Absolute shenanigans!

Sure, he got the out, but at what cost? At what cost to his soul?

Todd Frazier. Selling his soul to the devil himself for a cheap out in the second inning in a New York Mets baseball game.

Was the juice worth the squeeze? Only one man can answer that.

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