For England fans, there ain’t a hell of a lot to get excited about in the Boxing Day Test thus far. Their bowlers toiled throughout day one for little-to-no reward thanks in large part to some fairly ho-hum field placements and a bowling attack that exhibited neither piss nor vinegar (the exception being Tom Curran, who got absolutely no luck despite bowling like a freight train all day). So for the Barmy Army, the day’s entertainment had to come from within.

A full day in the stands at the MCG under the beating Melbourne summer sun is no easy feat, so apparently one bloke in the Barmy bays decided to get comfy by taking off his shoes. Fair bloody enough, TBH.

Apparently, though, this wasn’t good enough for the ground’s resident security personnel, who demanded the unnamed man returns his keds to their pedal origins.

Enter: The Barmy Army, who never once let a good man down. Leaping to his defence in a Spartacus-like show of solidarity, the Army, quite literally, bared their soles.

It’s the middle of summer. It’s Test Match cricket. I reckon you’ve got far more pressing things to worry about than a beet-red English tourist resting his awful bare feet on the empty seat in front of him.

The Player’s Comfort might fluctuate, but the Punter’s Comfort must always be at absolute maximum.

Anything less would just not be cricket.