Holy shit.
You’d absolutely forgive anyone for packing away the clubs after conceding a 4-0 deficit in the first half of a two-leg clash. Particularly when it comes at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain FC.
‘Course FC Barcelona isn’t exactly your average football club, but even still… a 5 goal win in leg two? Against PSG? Surely that’s impossible, right?

Barcelona has pulled off a staggering comeback in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 clash against the Parisians, hauling in a remarkable 5-goal win to take the leg on aggregate and advance to the quarter finals.
Barca gave a four goal head start to PSG in the opening leg of their clash back on February 15th, meaning the Spanish juggernaut would need to pull off an unfathomable 5-goal win in leg two in order to advance in the tournament.
What happened earlier this morning? Nothing short of miraculous.
Barca scored early, with Luis Suárez rocketing home goal #1 with just 3 minutes on the board. And a PSG own-goal late in the 40th gave them a 2-0 break at the half.
But with the game clock approaching the 88th minute, and with the score locked at 3-1, Barcelona looked like falling short of the mountaintop.
And then all hell broke loose. In the ensuing 7 minutes and 16 seconds, Barcelona shifted into beast mode.
In the 88th minute, Brazilian gun Neymar found the back of the net to hoist the score to 4-1 with this unholy strike.

One minute into injury time, Neymar struck again, this time thanks to a penalty shot. 5-1. On aggregate, that tied the leg up at 5-5, but PSG remained ahead on away goals.
Then, with just 10 seconds remaining in injury time, a deep lob into the box found the foot of a surging Sergio Roberto, and, well…


Understandably, shit was lost on a worldwide scale.

Depending on what camp you’re in, that’s either the greatest comeback in UCL history, or one of the most historic shitting of the beds you’re ever likely to see.

Regardless, Barcelona managed to pull off the virtually impossible, in a victory that’ll echo through sporting history. So what will be the defining image from this extraordinary game?
You’d be hard pressed to go past this one.

Actually you know what? This is pretty good too.

Yeah. That might do.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Xavier Laine/Getty.