Australian Rower Josh Booth Arrested In London

You’ve trained ruthlessly for years for an event that is over in five minutes. Your moment is up, and suddenly you find yourself left to your own devices, with the freedom to be merry and loose amidst a large portion of humanity’s most attractive people congregated, en masse… So what do you do? Getting amongst the all you can eat buffet and abusing the free condom jars that are rumored to line the corridors of athlete villages would be a good place to start. Instead of staying in, Australian rower Josh Booth got his freak on in the streets of London following the completion of his Olympic commitments as part of the Australian men’s eight.

Josh may have ignored the sensible limit of beer consumption because the 21-year-old is now in strife for allegedly damaging shopfronts while boozed, for which he was arrested in the wee hours of Thursday morning and will face questioning on Friday. It has also been reported that Josh fainted while he was being detained by police and was subsequently rushed to hospital. Poor guy. The drinker’s remorse will be punishment enough…

CCTV footage via Daily Telegraph:

Words by Jacquie Lennon

Via The Daily Telegraph
Photo by Damien Meyer, Getty Images.