Australia Just Came Within A Bee’s Dick Of Missing Out On The World Cup

Australia took on Syria in tonight’s World Cup Qualifier match in Sydney and it truly came down to the wire, with a 1-1 draw at the 90 minute mark forcing the game into an extra 30 minutes in which Australia JUST plucked victory.

It was do or die for both teams tonight, with only one continuing on their journey towards next year’s Football World Cup to be held in Russia, with Syria falling short in the dying moments.

Tim Cahill scored the first goal for Australia in the first half, bringing the scores even and with a tense and scoreless second half that saw the game go into overtime following.

37-year-old Cahill came through with the goods once again in the second half of extra time, though, before a tense af free kick in the last 2 minutes was blocked by the Socceroos, securing Australia through to the next step.

Australia now move on to face either USA, Honduras or Panama (depending out future game outcomes) in the next step towards the 2018 Russia World Cup.