Aussie Sailor Tom Burton Gives Our Medal Tally A Bump By Scorin’ Gold

Australia‘s medial tally has been looking a little bit worse for wear at the Rio Olympics, but we have a salve for our burn: Aussie sailor Tom Burton has landed us a gold in men’s laser class sailing.

It’s our first sailing gold at Rio, and came after a fairly intense struggle with Croatia‘s Tonci Stipanovic, who was doing his best to keep Burton at the back of the fleet.
“You need to play it by ear because you don’t know what the other boat is going to do,” he told Seven.

“I was even talking to my coach before the race thinking ‘if we did this 10 times how many times would I be able to pull it off’ and he said ‘nah 25 per cent’. And I said ‘I think one out of 10’.

This brings us up to a total of 7 golds, which puts us at number nine on the medal tally. C’mon guys. Gun us into that top 5 finish we’re all thirsting for. It’s still possible, right?
Source: ABC News / Seven.
Photo: Getty Images.